What we do?

TransportTV is the next-generation of Infotainment Content Management Platform (ICM Platform) that integrates all aspects of on-board passenger information in a single digital format.

Multimedia System

Multimedia System ‘TransportTV’ is an adaptive multimedia platform that is installed in public transport to broadcasts interactive mass media, and integrate all aspects of on-board passenger information.

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Vehicle Interactive Media

A fully-featured media channel which includes various categories of content (such as news, weather, exchange rates, entertainment, announcements of cultural and sport events, etc.), professionally designed to capture and hold passengers attention throughout their journey.

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Advertising Management System

Combining the advantages of conventional media channel with cutting-edge technology TransportTV provides new marketing opportunities for major international consumer brands as well as for local SMB and organizations to capture attention of a large active audience with the size comparable to nation-wide TV channels.

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The platform is based on the unique solution combining hardware, software and interactive media channel content.

‘TransportTV’ integrates all aspects of on-board passenger information, including:

  • Navigator route (traffic route navigation);
  • Entertaining media channel;
  • Interactive mobile communication;
  • Advertising;
  • Municipal/Community information;
  • Emergency awareness.

Key features:

Intellectual content management

Artificial Intelligence algorithms for content management in accordance with the geographical zone (geo-targeting) based on GPS coordinates (with the approximation of up to 50 meters) and time (days of the week, inside the day).


Agile and intuitive graphic visualization for simple information comprehension based on deep UX research.

Robust content and meta-data delivery

Content and meta-data delivery through 3G/LTE. The ICM Platform is able to work in the conditions of unstable and sometimes missing mobile access to the Internet.

The Interactive Second Screen

The Interactive Second Screen technology allows passengers to interact with the content on the “main screen” through local Wi-Fi connection by using a pre-installed ICM Platform mobile application for smartphones and tablets.


Remote monitoring of On-board Media Consoles’ status on all vehicles.

Audience analysis and statistics

Using Machine Vision video camera automatically recognizes faces of passengers and counts the number of people that look at the screen.


Our partners can benefit from the ICM Platform in different areas

  • Public transport operators

    ICM Platform aims to increase the quality of time spent by passengers in public transport, by broadcasting relevant and entertaining information to them. On the other hand it generates additional revenue stream (advertisements and interactive services for passengers).

  • Vendors and suppliers of on-board equipment

    Since TransportTV develops its software in-house, it brings a certain level of flexibility to the product, making it possible to integrate our software into the latest equipment, thus opening new opportunities for hardware manufacturers.

  • Media operators and advertisers

    ICM Platform provides additional media channel for operators and advertisers. that will increase the coverage for commercials, make advertisements more targeted and add an interactive content to increase customer involvement.

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Business Model

The content is one of the most important factors that impact the success of a TransportTV business model. It should be produced according to the high standards of professional television industry and tailored to the specifics of transit audience.

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