Vehicle Interactive Media serves as an effective advertising channel, giving various brands a new way to promote itself among target audience. Combining the advantages of conventional media channel with cutting-edge technology TransportTV provides new marketing opportunities for major international consumer brands as well as for local SMB and organizations to capture attention of a large active audience with the size comparable to nation-wide TV channels.

Such companies as TV channels, DOOH operators and advertising sales houses can get benefits from TransportTV Advertising Management System.

Media campaign conducted on TransportTV media channel are highly effective not only because it gains access to a wide range of audience (which consists of active people of all age groups and the amount of which can reach up to 70% of population in major cities), but also due to the fact that TrasnporTV’s solution is designed in a way that makes media channels’ content highly interesting and engaging through interactivity for public transport passengers.

Key features of TransportTV’s media channel that increase efficiency of a media campaign launched by TransportTV’s clients, include:

  • Content on the media channel can be updated every 5 minutes, thus providing to public transport passengers with most relevant and accurate information that attracts and holds attention of the audience in a more effective way than existing "static" formats.
  • High loyalty to the channel is provided by the need to stay on a transport for a long time; the screens does not take up personal time and is perceives as a useful addition to the trip because it shows the necessary information about the route (distance; time to the next stops; traffic information; transfers and connections; etc.)

The benefits for TransportTV’s partners include:

  • Geotargeting capabilities (via GPS), which creates an ability to automatically mix content in the most relevant way considering the location, timing and prevailing passenger audience.
  • Wireless content transfer thus low running costs with high return on investment (ROI).
  • Clear revenue streams formed by the sale of advertising time.

In order to provide a useful tool to effectively manage campaign, we developed a special software solution - TransportTV Advertising Management System - that provides advertisers and agencies with a remote and centralized access to the network of On-board Media Consoles.