The content is one of the most important factors that impact the success of a TransportTV business model. It should be produced according to the high standards of professional television industry and tailored to the specifics of transit audience. A fully-featured media channel which includes various categories of content (such as news, weather, exchange rates, entertainment, announcements of cultural and sport events, etc.), professionally designed to capture and hold passengers attention throughout their journey. In addition content consists of informative and complimenting entertainment columns with relevant information on:

  • real-time route progression and navigation;
  • distance and time to the next stops;
  • traffic jams;
  • available transfers on other transportation types;
  • virtual tour guide;
  • access to local content (discounts, music, etc),
  • Municipal/Community information (incl. alerting emergency situations).
The On-board Media Console content could be renewed every 5 minutes, that will allow to increase the attraction and keep the attention of the passengers more effectively than with existing “static” formats.

TransportTV VIM Screen Zones

The main zone is a video zone (the most effective format of interaction with the audience). It broadcasts news, ads, short videos, and other. Additional zones display navigation along the route, current time, weather, etc.

Interactive Entertainment (Second Screen)

The technology of Second Screen allows passengers to interact with the content on the main screen (On-board Media Console) using their mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) with a special application via Wi-Fi connection. The Second Screen features:

  • Remote control: passengers are free to decide what to watch by voting in real time for channels they prefer. The channel, that scored the highest number of points, is broadcasted on the main screen.
  • distance and time to the next stops;
  • Respond to the content (including advertising): passengers receive points, which can later be exchanged for various rewards (movie tickets and discount coupons, etc.).
  • Social network for passengers, providing an opportunity to actively communicate with each other and interact with municipal organizations (rate drivers, leave feedback, etc.).
  • Dating service and messenger allows passengers to communicate with each other, being in different parts of the bus, or even in the neighboring vehicles.
  • Posting a message on the screen, including Happy Birthday wishes and greetings.