Multimedia System ‘TransportTV’ is an adaptive multimedia platform that is installed in public transport to broadcasts interactive mass media, and integrate all aspects of on-board passenger information, including:

  • Navigator route (traffic route navigation);
  • Entertaining media channel;
  • Interactive mobile communication;
  • Advertising;
  • Municipal/Community information;
  • Emergency awareness.

Key features:

  • Centralized programing, distribution and management of content. The content that has been downloaded once is buffered locally at On-board Media Consoles.
  • Artificial Intelligence algorithms for content management in accordance with the geographical zone (geo-targeting) based on GPS coordinates (with the approximation of up to 50 meters) and time (days of the week, inside the day).
  • Agile and intuitive graphic visualization for simple information comprehension based on deep UX research
  • Content and meta-data delivery through 3G/LTE. The ICM Platform is able to work in the conditions of unstable and sometimes missing mobile access to the Internet.
  • Multiple information categories. Multi-language support for passengers.
  • The Interactive Second Screen technology allows passengers to interact with the content on the “main screen” through local Wi-Fi connection by using a pre-installed ICM Platform mobile application for smartphones and tablets.
  • Remote monitoring of On-board Media Consoles’ status on all vehicles.
  • Using Machine Vision video camera automatically recognizes faces of passengersand counts the number of people that look at the screen.